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The Dart lamps are one of a kind, skillfully handmade creations that combine the natural look with graceful harmony and subtle elegance. The decorations on the lamps are characterized by a dynamic form of grace and symmetry on which perforated, carved and painted surfaces are encountered.

The intriguing light effects occur when light passes through the various carving depth surfaces that differently emulate the light. The perforated surfaces let the light rays through thus creating a wondrous dancing light effect. Through the translucency of the carved surfaces the characteristic reddish effect is achieved, while the uncarved ones create the shadows. When the lamp is turned off, it is an organic sculpture whose texture is embellished with precisely decorated ornaments so that, when switched on, the light reflects the ornaments on to the surrounding space thus creating a harmonious dance of light and shadows.



Dart lamps are made of carefully selected high quality gourds of African origin. The dried form of the gourd was historically highly appreciated for its practical and esthetic value. In African cultures, to this day, it is being used to make traditional instruments and dishes. The most important feature of the dry gourd is that they are compact and very ductile for processing due to their uniform structure. The process of making Dart lamps itself consists of several stages that are interconnected;
the selection of the gourd, cleaning, wax impregnation, design, dyeing, engraving, carving, and installation of the base stand.
Each manufacturing stage is important because it affects the end quality of the Dart lamps.
One of the most important stages is the carving perforation, where 0.2 mm drills are used so that each perforation is facing the light source, giving the lamp its unique sharp shadows.
For the manufacturing of these I use the Proxxon, Dremel, and NSK tools.
An essential part of the Dart lamps is the wooden stand designed specifically for each lamp. The wood for the base of the lamp is chosen so as to incorporate its esthetic characteristics into the design of the lamp.
For the making of the base stand, I like to use high quality wood pieces that have their own unique characteristics…their own distinctive traits and histories. For lamp #40 for example, a local wood by the name of Poplar Burl was used, which has a very specific looks and color texture.
Most notably the stands for lamps # 39, 41, and 43 were made with Celtis australis. The pieces are in fact from a tree that is over 150 years old, and is still planted by the church in Kovacica. It is believed this tree to be as old as the place itself and that it was here even before the church was built.
In this town, world famous for its Naive Art and a place where Dart lamps are created.




The Dart lamps are made entirely of natural materials and any improper handling may damage them. Due to the structure of the gourds whose walls are merely 5 mm thick; the Dart Lamps are unfortunately highly susceptible to shocks and falls.
The lamps are protected and impregnated with wax so that maintenance is done only with a dry cloth or brush without the use of any cleaning agents. The lamps are not intended for open spaces where there may be contact with moisture, and are intended solely for indoor use.

The Dart lamps use halogen light bulbs. Initially, you can use halogen light bulbs HS-G6.35 / 30W Input: 230V. With time for a better light effect, these may be substituted with halogen light bulbs G4 / 20W Input 12 V with a built-in power adapter.
For safety, it is important to note that when replacing the bulbs, a light bulb with the same technical specs is used in order to avoid overheating of adapters or some other undesired effects.